New condominiums in San Francisco, CA
A Modern Icon, Heritage Meets Modernity

A Modern Icon

Heritage Meets Modernity

Thoughtfully conceived and contextually crafted from the outside in, Union House masterfully blends the warm tones, textures, and details from the neighborhood with a complementary palette of clean, modern lines and refined materiality. The exterior façade gracefully juxtaposes poured stone panels with brushed bronze, while the signature, oversized picture frame windows add a stately yet metropolitan quality to the architecture. A striking canopy hovers over a glowing jewel–box entryway that is inspired by renowned, luxury boutiques and echoes a warm sense of hospitality. Double-height exterior windows provide an alluring glimpse into the building’s sumptuous lobby within.

New condominiums in San Francisco, CA
The Penthouse Collection, The Premier Offering of Union House

"Working in San Francisco, there is a sense of having a community relationship. Your neighbors are important. What happens on the street is important."

Glenn Rescalvo | Handel Architects